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CONCOCTED was "concocted" in the heads of nature lovers and founders Harleen and Ankur ever since they set up ALL NATURALS in 2014 as an authentic aromatherapy and natural ingredients supply firm. Around the same time, interest in natural skincare was mushrooming in India, and the duo resolved to offer high-quality ingredients to our DIY Skincare community. Over the past six years, Team All Naturals developed an extensive sourcing network sourcing pure, natural, and unaltered ingredients ranging from essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, clays, rare herbs, flowers, and spices and supplying them to the skincare and gourmet foods industry. Fast forward to 2020, All Naturals had proudly become one of the most trusted natural DIY supplies store in India as well as on multiple online and offline platforms abroad. All Naturals ships worldwide and is also present in 10+ countries today and loved by customers worldwide.

With all the experience Harleen and Ankur gained in aromatherapy, natural skincare, gourmet foods, and, organic/natural ingredients sourcing, it was time, once again to offer genuine and professional natural skincare to their patrons, skincare that worked, skincare that was made from their own premium ingredients at facilities that also committed to the integrity in every concoction they concocted. And, CONCOCTED was born.

​We, at CONCOCTED declare our freedom from the oppression of synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, phthalates, heavy metals, and all those chemical ingredients that the cosmetic industry uses to give you a short term good feeling on your skin or hair. We believe in long-term skincare that lasts. Each vial is Concocted with the watchmaker-precision of our best-in-line aromatherapists, trusted herbalists, and professionally qualified cosmetologists. 

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